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Multiple Faith & Family Film Festivals Scheduled Next Year Hosted by Actor Dean Cain.

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

CHRISTIAN FILM EVENTS a ministry of JCFilms Studios will host FIVE nationally recognized faith and family film festivals and conferences this year. Each of these events will feature actor Dean Cain and are being organized with a goal to educate and challenge Christian filmmakers. 

"Here you will watch, learn, and network with the best in Christian films. You see, we believe NOW IS THE TIME for you to write that script, take that acting class, start that film production and get involved," says Jason Campbell, festival director and President of JCFilms.

During these three-day events not only will participants watch wonderful faith & family films, but organizers will be hosting workshops on film production, offering acting classes, celebrity Q&A events and even a BBQ networking social.

To learn more about attending or submitting, please learn more at

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