Two things that separate JCFilms from other faith and family film companies.

First, we tour our films to churches by hosting free church screenings. Erik Estrada and I started these movie events after we released our very first film FINDING FAITH six years ago. Now, we’ve toured and conducted over 1,000 church screenings. You see, I believe that when churches host movie nights and bring that celebrity from the film, it will attract unchurched people.

Second, we love getting people involved in our films! We recently did a quick overview and discovered that we have been part of producing over 25 films and have had over 2,000 people at some level participate in our films! Again, we believe in providing as many opportunities to people of faith to get involved in Christian filmmaking.

For these two reasons, JCFilms is partnering with actor Dean Cain to further accomplish these two objectives. The project is called Christian Film Events and the goal is to conduct nationwide church film screenings, host film festivals and workshops to support other Christian filmmakers and actors.

To accomplish this, we are in search of 100 people to join the PRODUCER CLUB in donating $10 each month to help launch this program.

With your gift of $10 per month, you will be investing in the creation of not only faith-based films but in new faith-based film makers. For your membership you will get mention on our website, private and free access to the JCFILMS library of movies and free admission to all our Christian Film Events.

Please visit: and register.

Updated: Aug 31

Now is the time for you and your family to get involved in Christian films!

The first ever American Christian Film Festival (ACFF) is happening this September and the organizers have selected actor Dean Cain to host their inaugural event.

The ACFF is much more than watching wonderful Christian films; it’s about connecting and getting involved. The theme for this year’s conference is NOW IS THE TIME. You see, we believe NOW IS THE TIME for you to write that script, take that acting class, start that film production and get you, your church, your family involved!

During this three-day event, organizers will be hosting workshops on film production, offering acting classes, celebrity Q&A events and even a BBQ networking social. This year’s location for the festival is Bridgeport, WV. Bridgeport is a welcoming town for faith and family films and has already hosted more than a dozen Dean Cain films over the past two years.

For this initial festival, awards will only be granted to Best Short Christian Film and Best Feature Christian Film. Filmmakers from all over the world are welcome to submit. The festival including the movie screenings, events and even the film workshops are open to the public; but tickets must be purchased.

To learn more, please visit

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